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ANYPLACE WORKPLACE | rethinking the modern workplace

  • PROJECT: Workplaces for Tomorrow; competition
  • ARCHITECT: Kristen Giannattasio + Christina Marsh; Atelier et Alia

In the wake of the massive increase of remote work caused by the global pandemic, the role of physical offices will be reconsidered. As part of a design research initiative to rethink the future of work, we propose ANYPLACE | WORKPLACE; a series of modular mobile office furniture units to support a decentralized network of office hubs.

With increased remote working, a firm’s physical office space will want to be more geographically distributed and be a hub where colleagues can on occasion meet in person, gather, and have a different work environment.  A downtown main office where everyone is assigned a desk will no longer serve as the default norm.  

ANYPLACE | WORKPLACE has various office functions contained within easily transportable modules that fold out to create distinct environments. These modules can be deployed in a wide range of locations, quickly transforming vacant retail storefronts, warehouses, and office spaces into workplaces with a strong identity and sense of place. With the ability to easily relocate the office and use the modules in various spaces, the office is now also reusable over and over again, significantly lessening the environmental impact of building out the workplace.

The workplace functions are divided into three distinct office furniture modules to allow the office space to be easily changed over time: ANYPLACE | OFFICE for focused work, ANYPLACE | CONFERENCE for meetings, and ANYPLACE | LOUNGE for gatherings of all sorts. The office is easily created and adjusted by selecting the number of modules needed and arranging them with additional printer station, phone booth, kitchenette, and coat closet modules, that are also available to fully support the workplace functions. Each office furniture module is self-contained, folds up for safe transport, and is on caster wheels for easy movement.