Kristen M Giannattasio, AIA

Atelier et Alia and KMG Architecture + Design
  • Master of Architecture with distinction, Harvard University Graduate School of Design  
  • Bachelor of Science in Art /Architecture summa cum laude, Northeastern University 
  • Licensed Architect in the State of Massachusetts
  • Member of The American Institute of Architects
  • Member of The Boston Society for Architecture
  • Co-chair of the BSA’s Small Practices Network (2018-2022)

Kristen believes in the transformative power of design, striving to create enduring, uncomplicated spaces that enhance people’s lives and work experiences. With over two decades of experience, she leverages her wealth of knowledge to guide collaborative and enjoyable design projects.


She began her career in small boutique architecture firms designing innovative and highly crafted works of art.  Subsequently, she dedicated twelve years to a medium-sized architecture firm, where she refined her skills in project management and design, overseeing the realization of substantial institutional projects.  In 2016, she co-founded Atelier et Alia, a small architecture firm in Newton, Massachusetts, specializing in bespoke residential and commercial designs.  Alongside her design pursuits, Kristen acquired invaluable hands-on construction experience building multiple residential renovations and additions.


Kristen brings this multifaceted background to her architecture and design studio, seamlessly blending the artistry of a design-centric firm with the technical mastery of construction methodologies and the project delivery finesse of larger enterprises.


At the core of Kristen’s design philosophy lies a holistic perspective that considers both tangible and intangible aspects. She places paramount importance on the art of architecture and the positive influences it can exert on psychology, health, and overall well-being. Her approach is multifaceted:

  • Prioritizing the Client: Kristen’s ethos places people at the forefront, catering to the needs and desires of clients and users.
  • Nature-Centric Design: She strives to establish a connection between individuals and nature, thereby enhancing joy, wellness, and productivity within the spaces she crafts.
  • Contextual Harmony: Drawing inspiration from the context of each project, she tailors designs that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.
  • Honest Materiality: Incorporating natural materials in authentic ways, Kristen infuses warmth and a timeless quality into her creations.


Beyond her architectural endeavors, Kristen’s creative passions encompass various realms.  From nurturing gardens to self-publishing a guidebook on houseplant care, and delving into the art and science of gluten-free baking, she remains immersed in diverse creative pursuits. Kristen and her husband find contentment in their Campanelli ranch-style home on the north side of Framingham, cherishing lengthy road trips and embracing the pursuit of a simple life.

“My husband and I worked with Kristen on our residential home addition and could not be happier. She was so easy to work with, going above and beyond to walk us through the process, as it was our first large construction project. Kristen was incredibly responsive, organized, and thorough. All of the contactors that we shared the plans with, as we received various bids, noted how impressed they were with her work. Several mentioned how comprehensive and detailed the plans were and one even said “you never see a set of plans as good as these.” In addition to quality, Kristen brought wonderfully creative and beautiful design ideas to our project. She kept in mind the existing house and how the addition would fit most seamlessly, and provided suggestions and expert guidance on layout, style, and features that we never would have thought of. Her ideas were invaluable.”          – Dani D.

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