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GOODRICH RESIDENCE | biophilic design

  • PROJECT: Interior kitchen + dining renovation of upper unit of a two-family home in Jamaica Plain, MA
  • ARCHITECT: Christina Marsh + Kristen Giannattasio; Atelier et Alia
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Jared Kuzia Photography

This upper two-story unit of a two-family house was built in 1930 and was characterized by a series of small, compartmentalized rooms, typical of its era. The homeowners’ objective was to contemporize the kitchen by opening it up to the dining room, creating a communal space that is modern yet harmonizes with the original character of the house.

before and after floorplan of a Jamaica Plain Massachusetts architect renovation


Strategic modifications, including the removal of a wall between the existing galley kitchen and formal dining room, were made to optimize the available square footage.  The original hallway closets were replaced with efficient, functional kitchen cabinetry, expanding storage and introducing a beverage station.  A small pantry space was transformed into a new powder room.  A new kitchen island serves as an anchor in the space, effectively demarcating the distinct kitchen and dining zones.  These strategic design moves maximize functionality while preserving an open and spacious ambiance.  

Similar planning is used to capitalize on existing features.  Opening up the kitchen reveals and highlights the impact of an existing skylight that was once hidden from view while in the dining room.  Also, by eliminating the partitioning wall, the kitchen and dining areas share access to north-facing windows that saturate the interior with even daylight, forging a connection to the outdoors within the densely populated urban neighborhood.  

The remodel integrates modern elements while staying in tune with the home’s more traditional aesthetic.  The design also incorporates biophilic principles.  The interplay of clean lines, color balance, texture, natural light infuses the space with a bright, contemporary aesthetic.  Inspired by nature, the palette establishes a serene neutral backdrop, accentuated by the striking forest green cabinetry.  Complementing this are calming white tones, walnut wood accents, hexagonal textures, crisp white wall paint, and bright countertops.

The green cabinets introduce a bold contrast against the light backdrop, contributing vibrancy and character.  Fixtures were chosen to add visual interest while providing a modern twist.  Copper, with its warm hues, is used for cabinet pulls and sink faucets, featuring sleek contemporary fixtures.  Black pendant light fixtures with contrasting white globes fuse modern aesthetics with traditional forms.  Together, these various elements converge to shape a distinctive central space at the heart of this home.  

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