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EATON RESIDENCE | mid-century modern campanelli house renovation

  • PROJECT: 2,000 SF Single-Family residence, interior renovation in Framingham
  • ARCHITECT: Kristen Giannattasio + Christina Marsh; Atelier et Alia
  • GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Scott Simendinger
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Carly Gillis Photography
  • PUBLICATION: The Boston Globe Magazine, March 2020; cover and article

While updating their 1,800 SF Campanelli House in Framingham, the homeowners aimed to align their living space with their lifestyle, envisioning an efficient open layout with an outdoor connection and increasing the storage capacity in their compact slab ranch.  The result is a luminous interior linked to the yard and adorned with a timeless neutral palette inspired by Mid-Century design.


The design methodology revolves around solving challenges through architectural means.  Rather than merely hanging items on walls, the walls are transformed into interactive design elements, imbuing what could be mundane surfaces with purpose and character.  The influence they exert on the space hinges on how they are used, curated, or modified by the homeowners.

While renovating the space, we incorporated functional walls and storage solutions embedded into the design, seamlessly supporting the open concept.  Our approach involved a combination of custom built-ins and off-the-shelf solutions, which effectively optimized the budget. 

The transformation involves opening up the living room, dining room, and kitchen, forming a generous gathering area within the modestly scaled house. Along the exterior wall of the living room, a custom multi-functional built-in becomes a defining feature, serving as a media console, housing the family’s book collection, storing files, and offering a cozy window seat.

At the garage entry landing, a custom millwork panel introduces an element of playfulness, featuring an interactive and adaptable peg board for conveniently stowing jackets and bags. 

Adjacent to the living room, the former covered porch evolves into a versatile multi-functional space that serves as both office and playroom on a daily basis, while easily converting into a guest room complete with a Murphy bed. This room features abundant wall-mounted storage cabinets to neatly store toys, crafts, and games. Flooded with sunlight through the full wall of windows and a large sliding glass door, this space enjoys a direct connection to the backyard.  Recognizing the many roles the family room plays, a sizeable sliding barn door offers functional flexibility, allowing it to be both open and concealed from other living areas.  The barn door is tailored with whiteboard paint to support the room’s office and play functions. 

The expansive 15-foot island in the kitchen caters to the family’s passion for cooking and baking.  Its outward-facing side serves as a sideboard for the dining room, complete with cabinets and open shelves designed to hold stemware and linens.  

A walk-in pantry was incorporated into the design to discreetly house countertop appliances and other items out of sight within the otherwise open kitchen layout.  The pantry’s exterior wall features a custom built-in that elegantly wraps around the wall’s corner, turning into open shelves that line the hallway, providing storage while simultaneously breaking up the length of the hallway. Facing the kitchen, an inventive spin on the refrigerator door manifests as a full-height magnetic wet-erase board, a canvas for family artwork and reminders. 

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